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Monday, April 4, 2011

Hawaii's Golden Voice - Eddie Kekaula

Beyond The Reef
Hawaii's Golden Voice
Eddie Kekaula
Rade Records KPL-1001
Kekaula Productions - Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Nice autographed (1977) private press. There are a few interesting items from the back cover. Jack Pitman, pictured upper right, wrote Beyond The Reef (an "Exotica" staple tune). According to the notes, Pittman was appearing nightly at The Captain Cook Room, Surfrider Hotel, Waikiki. Kekaula introduces a Pittman tune on this album titled When The Maple Leaves Turn Gold.

Jerry Byrd, a well known steel guitarist, is heard on this album.

Kekaula gained some national attention due an unsuccessful raft adventure that left him as part of the crew, barely surviving for 69 days in the Pacific.

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  1. I have this LP. It was signed on 6-27-77 to Norm and Noreen Hanfel (sp?). It's interesting to think the Hanfel family might have crossed paths with the Laughlin family.