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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Think We Can Make It - The Velvet Storm

My Way
I Think We Can Make It
The Velvet Storm
Blue Ash
Kingsmill Recording Studio, Columbus, Ohio

The Velvet Storm, from what I can determine from the jacket, was a lounge band working out of Central Ohio.


  1. That instrumental track is terrific! It really captures the exotica feel of Ohio! And “My Way” of course is irresistible, I’ve even heard a gospel artist do a version of it.

  2. I knew the guys in the Velvet Storm. They played at a lounge in a hotel where I worked in Mo. We became great friends and stayed in touch for numerous years. Found your web sight when I did a search for them. Great to hear them sing and play again. Thanks. Great way to start the New Year.

  3. Like your previous poster said, we were among the band's groupies in the 70's, beginning with meeting them in Milwaukee at the Holiday later attending the wedding of one of the a farewell in Columbus OH, where we got this album autographed by them. We traveled to see them on a New Years Eve in Rockford,, as he said, it's great to hear them again this time of year!

  4. We met them in Milwaukee, WI at a Holiday Inn in the early 70's and became instant groupies. We traveled all over the midwest to see them perform. We were at the wedding of one of the band members, Daryl. We spent New Years Eve in Rockford, IL with them...a farewell performance of sorts in Columbus, OH...and during a flood in Des Moines, IA [when we were camping nearby, and got washed out, we stayed in one of their rooms at the motel.] To hear them again this time of year brings back great memories and tears!

  5. hello,bob clark is my name.i was named after bob arney.ed and joanne clark are my parents.i know bob has passed, but is colleen still alive?

  6. My dad was in the band. He is Jim Flint. That's his note on the back to life long friends Tom and Diane from Good Shepard Church. Is that your copy? Where did you get it?

    1. Yes, It's hard to remember exactly as I collect so many records... but I think this one came from a Cincinnati area thrift store... rather than from ebay... possibly a St. Vincent de Paul...

  7. My Client has a black and white photo of the four members of The Velvet Storm. It is signed by three members, Jay, Bob, and Daryl I think are the names. She is interested to find out more about the band and if her photo is worth anything. Please contact by email at Thanks!