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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Walking In The Sunshine - Dave & Susanne

The Dock At The Bay
Dave & Susanne
Walking In The Sunshine
Christy CLS-101

From the back cover: Dave and Susanne Phillips became a "group" when Dave gave Susanne an electric bass guitar instead of an engagement ring. Since then, they have both retired from their respective professions, she as a school teacher and he as an electronics technician. They left their home in California and began to do what they enjoy doing most... entertaining people.


  1. That's a great little cartoon of them on the back cover.

  2. The back cover cartoon was by Bob Hale, noted Seattle TV weatherman , back when cartoons were used on the forecast - the LP was recorded by and at the late Kearney Barton's studio, a N.W. legend.