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Thursday, December 12, 2013

One Grand Concert - Katharine Kay

One Grand Concert
One Grand Concert
Katharine Kay
Artist's Recording Studio - Cincinnati, Ohio
Greenbriar Productions - Guilford, Indiana

From the back cover: This album is lovingly dedicated to persons who care about/work for/give their lives to peace with justice, a safe and healthy environment. We say a prayer for all those who do not.

Jewels And Jeans
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Sally Rides
One Grand Concert
A Rainbow's Forming Now
Gone To New Zealand
Blessed Is The Child


  1. Oh god, that illustration. The back cover gives the singer credit for that monstrosity. Hippies are weird.

  2. I've ended up on your site 3 different times while researching weird LPs (including this beauty)! I compliment your taste and your blogs. Thank you and keep 'em coming.

  3. Back in the day (circa 1984) I booked this artist for a concert at the university I was attending. I found her very charming and her work quite compelling. After listening again all these years later, I find she is in need of an auto-tuner. But I'm sure she's still very charming. :)