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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christine Plays It Hot

Christine Plays It Hot
Certi-Craft Company - Studio City, California

From the back cover: The sophisticated audience of the Hickory House in New York City kept her there for as long as she would consent to stay and clamored for more.

Much of her professional career has been spent in private clubs in Birmingham, Alabama.

The Downtown Club, The Astronaut Restaurant, The Relay House – beautiful private club overlooking the bright lights of the city – are just a few fortunate enough to have headlined Christine – and her "hot" keyboard.

She is in constant demand for conventions and is usually booked solid. Convention calls have taken her to Texas, Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi or just about any state you can mention

...The Astronaut Restaurant!!! I wonder what that place looked like?

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  1. Would love to hear the whole album again. Used to be in my family before the great LP purge of the 1990's. Was a favorite of my grandfather's I guess from one of her Alabama fraternal club appearances.