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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Helen And Billy Scott - Songs You've Requested

The Ego Of My Mind
Helen And Billy Scott
Songs You've Requested
Chance " The Cincinnati Sound"
Queen City Album - Cincinnati, Ohio

The Scotts, made appearances on Hayride (TV series) and Jamboree USA (radio show).

It also appears that the Scotts recorded at least two more albums, both on Jewel (another local Cincinnati, Ohio record company).


  1. Nice 60's Rockabilly do you year of release?

  2. Sorry, I can't determine the release date from the info found on the album.

  3. LOL Billy Scott is my first cousin. I seem to remember he and Helen recording several albums. It seems like at least every year for the majority of my childhood, my aunt (Billy's mom) would be proudly displaying another album.

    1. Helen Scott is my second cousin on my mom's side; mom's name was JoAnn Rankin Edens