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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wille B And The Drifters Caravan

Sidewalks Of Chicago
Wille B And The Drifters Caravan
Blue Kentucky Boy
Queen City Album - Cincinnati, Ohio

From the back cover: A Country Boy, who has known the hard times of life, Willie B began his childhood without electricity, and his manhood in a foxhole fighting an armed enemy of his country.

Also from the back cover: Back home (from Germany) and out of the Army, Tommy again joined the all new Drifters Caravan - USA, in The Willie B Show, which premiered in September 1972 over WBKO-TV, Bowling Green, Kentucky. Joining the show with Tommy was the very lovely and talented Becky Sue Bingham, a little gal who has made a big hit in the Blue Grass State.


  1. Thank you Mark for the memories. I'm the "Willie B" you've referred to. My Granddaughter ran across this tonight. I was shocked, to say the least. The band stayed together through 1990. I stay in touch with them regularally. I'd love hearing from you. And to all the fans and friends of the "Willie B" Show & The Drifters Caravan in Germany, please e-mail me.

    1. Hey there Willie! Believe it or not, I am playing the album pictured on this Blog (and many thanks for it Mark!) as I type this! My records have been buried in various boxes in shed and barn for (literally) decades. I have threatened to get a record player again for about as l0ong and this year the wife & kids sprang one on me for Father's Day. Anyway, I picked this up one night at the NGO club at Ft. Knox Ky, back about 1976, yeah, that's right, SEVENTY six. I enjoyed you then and my sons are enjoying you with me now. (The wife and I started late.) (;>)
      You autographed that album for me as I recall but, it didn't make it through the years in good shape. Many of my (and my wife's) albums covers are trashed but, fortunately, vinyl is nearly indestructible at least to the ravages of time.
      Anyway, great to see this from an old fan. I intend to email Willie.
      This will be signed in on My wife's page thus the "Jillian."
      I'm Jim, formerly of Co. C, 9th Bn., 4th BT Brig. Ft. Knox KY. 1974-77.
      Jim G.

    2. Sad to say
      Willie"B" passed away on November 16th 2013

      He is sadly missed by everyone that his music touched their heart.
      His Son Gary