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Friday, March 25, 2011

Reg Phillips Wails Ol' Yellar

That's A Plenty
Reg Phillips
Wails Ol' Yellar
KROK Recordings, Concord Massachusetts

Straight out of the sealed shrink comes a private press from a lost artist by the name of Reginald G. A. Phillips II. It took me a moment to realize that "Ol' Yellar" is the piano that Reg is banging away on (as pictured on the cover).

From the back cover: Reg's piano was given to us by one of our resident trombonists, Dick Wiggin. After being sawed into pieces in order to navigate the winding stairs to the third floor, OL' YELLAR was totally rebuilt to the very demanding specifications of Mr. Phillips and now stands in a place of honor on the bandstand of REDEMPTION HALL right here in the heart of downtown Concord.

Drummer Ray Smith and tubaist Rick MacWilliams accompany Phillips. Apparently, Smith hosted a traditional jazz program over WKOX FM and WMTW. Today you can find Smith if you google him. He's well known for his radio program, The Jazz Decades.

You can also find MacWilliams online playing with The Wolverine Jazz Band.

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  1. Hi! My name is Sue Love and I am Reggie's daughter. I was just kickin' around on the computer and decided to google my dad's name. He's been gone for over 33 years so I didn't think I'd find anything. But your blog popped up. How cool!!! Of course I had to listen to the it! I have the original photo of this album cover. Unfortunately it is very faded, but it hangs over my dad's piano. Just wanted to say thanks for the blast from the past! Dixieland jazz lives on!!! :)