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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Quartet Robledo

Trio Robledo

Here we have a great oddball record! Not because of the music. No, the music is delightful. It this case, what is unusual about the project is the cover.

There is no title on the cover. The name of the group is written in pen as "Trio Robledo". But on the back cover the group refers to themselves as "Quartet Robledo"

Details, details. What really makes the LP cover fun is that "Taco Ed's" Restaurant (located in Defiance Ohio) backed the record. Apparently, according to the notes, Robledo played Taco Ed's for six years. Eddie L. Bernal (Taco Ed) loved them so much (and why not, they are very good) that he planned to have them "appear at all Taco Ed's Grand Openings in malls and free standing restaurants".

The album is a charming piece of local, Defiance memorabilia.

Taco Ed went into chapter 11 in 1984 because Taco Ed was caught trying to defraud investors.

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