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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Scott Thomson Trio At The Jolly Roger

It's Never Too Late To Do Your Thing
The Scott Thompson Trio At The Jolly Rodger
Art Records ALP-74

The Jolly Rodger played the Ft. Lauderdale Club.

Live At The Anchor Inn

Glenn And Bill "Live" At The Anchor Inn
G&B Records
Coronet Records

From the back cover: "Variety Unlimited" is the way Glenn and Bill describe their act, and with good reason. Each one sings well by himself and together their voices blend so well, at times they sound like one.

The Northland Anchor Inn Motel was located on Morse Road in Columbus, Ohio.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

2 Sides Of Tommy Johnson

Funny Valentine
Time Is Tight
2 Sides Of Tommy Johnson
Track Records - Silver Spring, MD
Tear Records
QCA - Queen City Album - Cincinnati, Ohio - 10749

From the back cover: The exotic setting of a Polynesian paradise - with the exquisite flavor of authentic Polynesian dishes - is the background for the unique artistry of Tommy Johnson. Tommy Johnson and The Ma-Kiki Club are synonymous with one another. One just doesn't think of one without the other. Tommy came to the Ma-Kiki at the Holiday Inn in Huntington, W. Va., for a 30 day engagement in May of 1969. He's still playing there and his fans and the owners hope that it's a permanent arrangement.