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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christine Plays It Hot

Christine Plays It Hot
Certi-Craft Company - Studio City, California

From the back cover: The sophisticated audience of the Hickory House in New York City kept her there for as long as she would consent to stay and clamored for more.

Much of her professional career has been spent in private clubs in Birmingham, Alabama.

The Downtown Club, The Astronaut Restaurant, The Relay House – beautiful private club overlooking the bright lights of the city – are just a few fortunate enough to have headlined Christine – and her "hot" keyboard.

She is in constant demand for conventions and is usually booked solid. Convention calls have taken her to Texas, Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi or just about any state you can mention

...The Astronaut Restaurant!!! I wonder what that place looked like?

The Queen Requests Command Performance - Pete Eveland

Put Your Hand In The Hand Of The Man From Galilee
The Queen Requests Command Performance
Pete Eveland
Film Associates, Inc. - Dayton, Ohio

From the back cover: A native of Wilmington, Ohio, Pete has been playing the organ professionally since age eleven. He has appeared on numerous radio and television shows. Personal engagements have included Organist for the Cincinnati Bengals at Riverfront Stadium and guest artist for Hallmark Productions of Hollywood, California. He is the youngest member and only organist with the "Louisiana Jazz Club All Stars."

Friday, November 11, 2011

Caribbean 1978 - The Entertainers

Theme From Rocky
Theme From S.W.A.T.
Caribbean 1978
The Entertainers
AEA 1199

From the back cover: Brilliant sound and exciting dancing highlight one of the country's best stage shows with special appearances of the ENTERTAINERS'. "Darth Vadar", "Chewbacca", "ROCKY", "Ludwig Von Beethoven" and other. For four years, these young people from Southern California have captivated audiences from New York to Hawaii. Now in 1978 the ENTERTAINERS will feature Dixieland, rock, nostalgia, musical themes from TV and movies, and comedy, in New Orleans, Miami and while cruising the Caribbean.

Where Do I Begin To Tell A Story - Billy ThunderKloud And The Chieftones

My Way
Love Story
Billy ThunderKloud And The Chieftones
Where Do I Begin To Tell A Story
Superior Records
S 2010

Top Of The Flame - The James Cohen Trio

Top Of The Flame
The James Cohen Trio
Orbit Records - Curtis, Detroit

From the back cover: In the fall of 1969 Jim, Frank and Mac took their places in the Oriental atmosphere of the Top of the Flame, atop the modern Michigan Consolidated Gas Company Building in downtown Detroit, sharing top billing with one of the city's best views of the riverfront and neighboring Canada.

At first glance, the boys might seem out of place among the pagoda motif, kimona-clad waitresses, the Chinese and Siamese antiques. But their subtle jazz stylings add just the right touch to match the tasty East-meets-West menu.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Helen And Billy Scott - Songs You've Requested

The Ego Of My Mind
Helen And Billy Scott
Songs You've Requested
Chance " The Cincinnati Sound"
Queen City Album - Cincinnati, Ohio

The Scotts, made appearances on Hayride (TV series) and Jamboree USA (radio show).

It also appears that the Scotts recorded at least two more albums, both on Jewel (another local Cincinnati, Ohio record company).