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Friday, December 20, 2013

Keepin' It Country - Sharie Lynn And Her Showfers

Hold Me
Keepin' It Country
Sharie Lynn And Her Showfers
Alpha Records At-1018

Diggy Diggy Lo
Forgive And Forget
It's A Cowboy Lovin' Nite
Backing It To Birmingham
Play Born To Lose Again
Daddy Frank
Devil In The Bottle
Hold Me
Different Kind Of Flower
Bucket To The South

Friday, December 13, 2013

Christi And Coats On Stage

Christi And Coats On Stage
Art Records ALP-42

Recorded Live In The Wreck Bar Of The Yankee Clipper Hotel, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

From the back cover: My (Jethro Van Burns) introduction to Smokey and Bobbi was in the sleepy little village of Las Vegas, Nevada, at the world famous Golden Nugget. They were working on the afternoon shift - a challenge to any act. The audience this time of day is made up of the losers, the hung-over types from the night before and the slot machine players, who listen for music and falling jack pots at the same time. Smoky and Bobbi come on relaxed and easy, singing and playing a stage full of instruments and their comedy is a sharp as you will hear on any stage, night club floor, or television show! They not only capture the attention of the audience, they fracture them!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

I Guess I Could Change - Panache

I Guess I Could Change

From the back cover: Having Nancy and Bill entertaining our guests in Maxie's Lounge has been, and still is a joy. Their nightly performances have made our lounge one of the "in" spots on the beach (Madeira Beach) for both tourists and local guests. Their music is as warm as their personalities…… In a word, they are the true meaning of PANCHE!!

This Time
Living Alone
Think It Over
Send In The Clowns
I Guess I Could Change
Richard And The Cadillac Kings
Ease My Mind
You Don't Know Me
This N That

One Grand Concert - Katharine Kay

One Grand Concert
One Grand Concert
Katharine Kay
Artist's Recording Studio - Cincinnati, Ohio
Greenbriar Productions - Guilford, Indiana

From the back cover: This album is lovingly dedicated to persons who care about/work for/give their lives to peace with justice, a safe and healthy environment. We say a prayer for all those who do not.

Jewels And Jeans
Jane Lee
Child Of The Universe
When Is The Right Time
Sally Rides
One Grand Concert
A Rainbow's Forming Now
Gone To New Zealand
Blessed Is The Child

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Especially For You From The Naturals

The Way We Were
Proud Mary
Second Hand Rose
Especially For You From The Naturals
Golden Voice

From the back cover: Since its conception in 1965, this group known as "THE NATURALS" has grown in acceptance throughout the state of Illinois. Put the record on, turn the volume up, relax and enjoy the "Sounds of The Naturals".

Chicken Shack
So What's New
What Kind Of Fool Am I
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
The Shadow Of Your Smile
Proud Mary
The Way We Were
Behind Closed Doors
For The Good Times
Second Hand Rose

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sweet Seasons At Hidden Harbor

Jim Croce Medley
Sweet Seasons At Hidden Harbor

From the bad cover: Creating this album has given us an opportunity to share with our many friends at Hidden Harbor some of their favorite music.

I Honestly Love You
Jim Croce Medley
Mid July
Fall In Love
You Are The Sunshine
We Can Start Again
I Got The Music In Me

The Spice Of Life… Variety

Puppets Lament
Notte D'Amor
How Many Roads
Dinosaur Walk
The Spice Of Life… Variety
Introducing: John McCormick with Marie Balaban, Mike & Kani Brandt, Tony Lopez Orchestra
Tonette Records - Coconut Grove, Florida

Fund raising project for Miami's Variety Children's Hospital.

Too Late
Miami Go
Notte D' Amor
Vals Latino
Cradle Song Of Hope
Puppets Lament
No Words Can Express
How Many Roads
Dinosaur Walk
I Will Follow You