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Monday, January 28, 2019

Instrumentally Yours - Rudy Hodnik

Sunset Waltz
Instrumentally Yours
Rudy Hodnik And His Orchestra
Rudy's Accordion tuned by Alfonso Baldoni of Milwaukee
Recorded on October 17, 1976
KL Recording Service - Hubertus, Wisconsin

From the back cover: Rudy Hodnik, blind since birth, was always interested in music, and at an early age he learned the melodies of the traditional Slovenian folk songs. He obtained his first accordion at the age of 12, and in 1950 he formed his first orchestra in his home town of Waukegan, Illinois. He entertained for weddings and dances throughout northern and central Illinois and southern Wisconsin. He has starred on live radio broadcasts and has recorded some of his original polkas and waltzes while based in Chicago. He now resides in Milwaukee where he has assembled a new group of talented musicians. The best known of Rudy's compositions is "The Waukegan Polka" which was initially recorded by Frankie Yankovic on Columbia records.

Polka Party Polka
Sunset Waltz
Uncle Frank's Polka
Beer Bottle Polka
Mountain Top Polka
Hribar's Polka
Polka Time Polka
Good Time Polka
Squeeze Box Polka
Moonlight Waltz
Broken Reed Polka

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Let's Do It - The Fall Guys

I Got The Music In Me
The Rockford Files
Let's Do It
The Fall Guys
Album Design and Photography by Scanlin
Engineering & Mixdown: Art Cole
Recorded at Baldwin Sound Productions, Inc.
Kahoots MRS8028


Jack Williams: Piano, Bass, Organ, Harpsichord, Vocals & Arrangements
Bill Laws: Reeds, Brass & Vocals
Joey Dio: Percussion & Vocals
Don Riech: Guitar, Banjo, Reeds & Vocals

How Sweet It Is
The Rockford Files
Could It Be Magic
Front Page Rag
I've Got The Music In Me

Big Bands

Friday, January 11, 2019

The Magic Of Denny Taylor

Say Goodbye Today
The Magic Of Denny Taylor
Holly Records - Walton, KY

The Legend
Stranger In My Place
Hickory Hollow Tramp
Why'd This Have To Happen On A Sunday
When Sherry Smiled At Me
Old Picker's Home
Playing The Jukebox
Say Goodbye Today
Look For Me

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Favorites - Lincoln Jamboree

The Door Is Always Open
Lincoln Jamboree
Hodgenville, Kentucky
Produced by Wayne Sexton for Joel Ray Sprowls Enterprises
Recorded at The Backstage Sound Studio
July 23, 1978 for release on the Jamboree's 24th Birthday Anniversary, September 9, 1978
Lincoln Jamboree Records

Lucille - Charles Durham
Heaven's Just A Sin Away - Vicki Kidd Sexton
I Wish You Were Someone I Love - Lou Bingham
I'll Be Your San Antone Rose - Little Becky Sue
Easy Loving (Instrumental) - Carlton Noel
Cowboy Loving Night - Camille Bingham
I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now - Ronnie Benningfield
The Door Is Always Open - The Binghams
Charming Betsy (novelty)- Jack "Cornsilk" Lewis
Bucket To The South - Jamboree Gang