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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Official Arkansas Waltz - Cletus Jones

The Official Arkansas Waltz
Cool Oasis
Here's An Album Even The Critics Admire

Official Arkansas Waltz
Passed unanimously by the Arkansas State Senate Sr-24 March 10, 1971
The Nashville Sound With 15 Piece Orchestra
Words by Cletus Jones
Music by Bill Urfer
Arranged by Cliff Parman

A Collectors Items
See Diammondhead on beautiful Lake Catherine Hot Springs National Park, Ark.
Cletus Jones: Writer - Vocal
Lawson Records, Inc. LLP-3004

Three versions of The Arkansas Waltz, a tune Cletus was obviously proud of, are featured on this set.

From the back cover: Cletus "Slim" Jones was born and reared on a small rocky hill-side farm in central Arkansas. "I can't remember exactly how young I started singing, but I got my first guitar when I was twelve years old," Jones said.

In the years that followed he sang at all the community get-togethers, where entertainment was needed. Drafted into the U. S. Infantry at the age of 19 years. He served in combat in Europe during World War II. When He returned home he traveled with several bands doing radio programs and personal appearances throughout the state of Arkansas. "Music has always been my first love, but it seems like I have always had to do other jobs to make a living," Jones said. He loves to entertain people, and write and sing his own compositions, of which he has written many.

Reno Nevada
I Let Her Go
Papa's Brand New World
Sugar Creek Bottom
The Official Arkansas Waltz
The Official Arkansas Waltz
Surely God Lives In These Hills
I Wake Up In A New World Every Morning
Carpet On My Heart
Cool, Oasis
Last Request For The Arkansas Waltz

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Walter Rooney At The Madame Pompadour Piano

Windmills Of You Mind
Creighton's Presents Walter Rooney
At The Madame Pompadour Piano
Ten Classic Arrangements Of Contemporary Music
Music Arranged By Walter Rooney
Recorded At Criteria Studios, Miami
Engineer: Mack Emerman
Jacket Design: Robert Lathrop
Photography: Tiffany Studios
Laudio Records 9747

From the back cover: The Madame Pompadour Piano on permanent display in the Sevres Room of Creighton's Restaurant is rare and priceless. Made originally as a harpsichord for Madame Pompadour during the reign of Louis XV, there are 32 French enamel plaques richly decorating the sides, top of case and lid. Handmade from Holly, Satinwood and French Walnut, the portrait of Madame Pompadour is on the music rack. Richly trimmed, ornamented with more bronze ormolu and mother-of-pearl keys. About 30 years ago the harpsichord was removed and a Steinway Grand action was installed.

Somewhere My Love
Theme From Romeo & Juliet
This Guy's In Love With YOU
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
Windmills Of Your Minds
All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings