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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

On With The Show - Gary Edwards & Sage

Live And Let Die
On With The Show
Gary Edwards & Sage
Micah Records MR100
Creative Workshop - Nashville, Tennessee

An act whose talent agency was located in Louisville, Kentucky.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Greek Tones - Translations

Ertha Ke Pali (Vango Pavloudis)
The Greek Tones
Jewel Records - Cincinnati, Ohio - JRC 80876
Engineer - Rusty York

John Goulandris - Bouzouki
Alex Layliev - Percussion
Vango Pavloudis - Keyboard, Bass and Vocals

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Gary R. Smith Company

The Gary R. Smith Company
Rite Record Production - Cincinnati, Ohio - 36907

Cincinnati, Ohio area group made up of Gary Smith, Charlene Davidson, Bill Jolliff, Dan Burton and Tim Short. I think many of these folks were studio musicians who played on many locally produced recordings.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Wild and Mild Sides of Woody Martens

Caravan (Wild And Mild)
Full Album
The Wild and Mild Sides of Woody Martens
Recorded Live in the Fox's Lair of Reynard's Restaurant, Lake Worth, Fla.
Distributed by Danwood Enterprises - Farmland, Indiana
Art Records - ALP-46
1967 (mentioned in an Billboard Magazine/Muntz Stereo ad)

Woody's Mood
Woody Martens At The Hammond Organ
Art Records - ALP-70-S

From the back cover: The organ is a Hammond, model B-3, equipped with two Fisher K-10 space-expander reverberation units. A Leslie speaker, model 31-H, a Leslie speaker, model 122-R, and a Hammond PR-40 are used as tone cabinets. All effects, sounds, and rhythm accompaniment are produced by the artist and the organ - none by artificial means.

These are outstanding private press albums. Apparently Martens made at least two albums. Whoever owned the jacket/album pictured above slid the Woody's Mood LP in with the Wild and Mild jacket. I've included samples from both records. I also found a third LP online titled Wild & Woody.

Martens was inventive, creating a variety of sonic effects to help sell the songs he was covering. It's difficult to date the Wild And Mild album, but at the very least Marten was heavily influenced by exotica. He may have been influenced by Korla Pandit, but that is an just an assumption on my part. This is one of the better space age organ LPs I've heard.

The Woody's Mood LP, recorded live sometime later, features Marten was backed by drums (although the drum levels are low and don't do much in the way of support). This LP features more of a standard 60s lounge groove.

Apparently Martens passed away from cancer at the age of 56 in 1992.

Also see: Woody's Mood (Art Records ALP-70)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ron Libby - Shine On

Just The Way You Are
My Love Does It Good
Ron Libby
Shine On
Whirl-A-Way Records - Falmouth, ME - WAW 72641
Queen City Album - Cincinnati, Ohio - 101021

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Eddie Nash and Joy King

No Place Like Home (Wizrerphone)
Wildwood Flower (One Man Band)
Eddie Nash and Joy King
Live Performance At Ghost Town, Maggie Valley, N.C.
HCDD - 1001

Ghost Town is or was an amusement park that seems to have been closed for renovations in 2010.

The back cover notes mention Nash's 10 instrument one man band that "merited a feature in Ripley's Believe It Or Not, April 26, 1973.

This record was made after the duo spent "several seasons at Ghost Town." I found an example online of one other album they made together.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Introducing The Fabulous Bill Todd

Introducing The Fabulous Bill Todd
The Quiet Boy
Essay Productions 14891

Obscure solo LP featuring Todd, his guitar and the occasional early drum machine generated rhythm.

By Request - The Guys And Dolls

Killing Me Softly With His Song
Seasons In The Sun
By Request
The Guys And Dolls
GD Records

From the back cover: The mint fresh aura these kids radiate is deeply infectious. Their physical appearance is what every mom and dad in this great country hopes his or her child will reflect... "CLEANLINESS," a proper commodity not always found with their age group peers.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Unique Sound Of The Vega Bros.

Oriental Melody - Marcos L. Vega
The Unique Sound Of The Vega Bros.
Featuring Marcos Vega And His Paraguayan Harp
Jewel Records - Cincinnati, Ohio - LPS 668

Apparently The Vega Bros. were engaged at The Carrousel Inn, Cincinnati, Ohio when they decided to make this private press recording.

From the back cover: Already well-established in South America, they (The Vega Bros) are enjoying success in the United States in such places as Miami's Hotel Fontainebleau, The Concord Hotel in The Catskills, Chicago's Continental Plaza Hotel and Cincinnati's famous Carrousel Inn.

This album is very different from the typical Jewel pressing. Jewel pressed many white southern gospel albums. This was an "upscale" project for Jewel, including the cover, which may seem a bit cheesy by today's standards, but was an accomplishment back in the day for Jewel who produced many album stock covers. Rusty York owner of the label owner/operator did a fine job engineering the sound.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Own Thing - The Voyagers

Joy To The World
Mystery Flight
Our Own Thing
The Voyagers
Jewel Records LPS 297
Queen City Album - Cincinnati, Ohi

Created as a a tie-in promotion with an Indianapolis, IN "air travel club" of the same name (Voyager 1000). From the back cover: The Voyagers first met Voyager 1000 in Indianapolis six months ago - and it was a case of mutual admiration - because each group likes to do "Their Own Thing." Subsequently the title of this inaugural album.

Bunny Dean - Vocals, Benny Santora - Keyboard/Vocals and Louie Mazzucca drums/vocals is pure lounge. Additional artists credited include Bill Holmes - Bass, Ed Drake - Guitar, Frank Brown - Trumpet and Mike Andre - Sax

Mystery Flight is an original composition according to the notes.