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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Own Thing - The Voyagers

Joy To The World
Mystery Flight
Our Own Thing
The Voyagers
Jewel Records LPS 297
Queen City Album - Cincinnati, Ohi

Created as a a tie-in promotion with an Indianapolis, IN "air travel club" of the same name (Voyager 1000). From the back cover: The Voyagers first met Voyager 1000 in Indianapolis six months ago - and it was a case of mutual admiration - because each group likes to do "Their Own Thing." Subsequently the title of this inaugural album.

Bunny Dean - Vocals, Benny Santora - Keyboard/Vocals and Louie Mazzucca drums/vocals is pure lounge. Additional artists credited include Bill Holmes - Bass, Ed Drake - Guitar, Frank Brown - Trumpet and Mike Andre - Sax

Mystery Flight is an original composition according to the notes.

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