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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lovers Sing To Lovers - Pietro And Seba

Strangers In The Night
Lovers Sing To Lovers
Pietro And Seba Gentile
C.G.S. Productions

From the back cover: Pietro Gentile, handsome, steely-grey haired operatic baritone. His proscenium arch extends from the Zeigfeld Follies to right here in Las Vagas. Soon to blossom out as an author. From what I've heard, this book will have a tremendous impact on humanity. He is continental – fully equipped even to the hand kissing. Is a beloved host to the world." – Forrest Duke, Las Vegase, Nevada.

Seba Gentile, the most sophisticated chanteuse from Italy, Oscar Winner 1957, composer, guitarist and recording star of La Voce del Padrone (His Master's Voice). She has appeared at Carnegie Hall, on the Jack Parr Show and in leading television shows and clubs around the world.

Also from the back cover: Scalinatella: Oh narrow, narrow, long, long, stairway of Capri, will I hear again the "zuc, zuc, zuc" of her wooden sandals coming to join me on our little shore? Do reach into the sky, or the depths of the sea, find and bring her back to me!

Al Di La
Sunrise Sunset
Strangers In The Night
Shadow Of You Smile
Mala Femmena
Eri Tu
This Is All I Ask


  1. BTW, the labels on the 2 samples are flip flopped.

  2. More great albums, Thanks

  3. I have an identical copy signed to my grand-aunt.
    "To Lovely Annette, Peitro + Seba".

  4. Hello, I am wondering if this record is for sale and if yes, please let me know how much? Thanks Toni