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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tally Ho Volume #2

First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Tally Ho
Billy Wilson and Joel Barron
Viking Studios LTD. - Denver, Colorado

From the back cover: Here it is! Our second album marking the fifteenth anniversary of the Tally Ho. If you happen to have our first album (released in 1962), you have a capsule history of what has happened to dance music in these years. You will, no doubt, note that Billy has made changes in his group and in his style that reflects the changing tastes of dancing America, yet still has retained a style that beautifully bridges the generation gap.

Marie And The Vagabonds

I'm Gonna Walk Right Out The Door
Love The One You're With
Marie And The Vagabonds
Featuring Joey And Marie
Revelation Studios 4112N7

From the back cover: His (Joey) blend of voices with Marie is a rare musical experience. Joey and Marie write their own songs and have included in this album... "I'm Gonna Walk Right Out The Door."

Satin Doll
Mala Femmina
I'm Gonna Walk Right Out The Door
Love The One You're With
Rock And Roll Heaven
Country Western Medley
Every Day Of My Life
Yesterday I Heard The Rain
Let Me Be There

Monday, December 24, 2012

Nite Life With Mike Clark

Nite Life With Mike Clark
Northwestern Incorporated

From the back cover: The numbers chosen for this album are a few of the most often requested and of these, I believe his very favorite is "Yesterday". It is not a new song but he really "lives" this one.

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Links

Let's Take The Long Way Around The World
Don't Take Her From Me
The Links

Possibly the most prolific and awesome group to appear in The Motel Lounge. Please check this Motel Lounge post for samples of The Links albums I've unearthed.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

No Man Is An Island - Danny Scholl

My Way
No Man Is An Island
Danny Scholl
Gold Star Recording Studio
Revel Records

From the back cover: Volunteering for overseas duty, the "singing soldier" was sent to Iwo Jima. There he singlehandedly captured seven enemy soldiers and in the process sustained a broken spine.

The Air Force honored Danny with two bronze stars for bravery and released him back to civilian life.

Home again, Danny hit Broadway with starring roles in such musical comedies as Texas Li'l Darlin, Oklahoma, Pajama Game and more. In great demand for television shows, Danny appeared with Jackie Gleason, Bob Hope, Perry Como, etc.

During his 44th performance on Jack Paar's "Tonight"show, Danny suffered the first stroke. During rehearsal for a subsequent show, Danny was hit by a second stroke. Tests revealed a need for brain surgery. Following intensive treatment, Danny Scholl – the man no one expected to live – bounced back; eventually landing a movie role in The Texan with Roy Calhoun.

A year later, a third stroke hit with the prognosis that Danny would never again walk or sing. Daily in the hospital, Danny struggled to make sounds with his voice. Five months later came the sound "ah". A year later came the title song to this album "No Man Is An Island".

1979 brought Danny a fourth stroke. He was again told he would "never sing". Each day Danny prayed and promised God that if his voice was restored he would use it to inspire others. Early in 1983 Danny was bubbling with the good news... His voice was back!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The English Leete - Live At The Charcoal

The English Leets
Live At The Charcoal
DCI Productions

From the back cover: We wish to thank Steve Small, owner of the Charcoal Steak House, one of the finest supper clubs in the south.

Swing Medley (Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song, Sentimental Journey, Red Roses For A Blue Lady and Satin Doll)
Somewhere My Love
Tea For Two
Mack, The Knife
Blue Spanish Eyes
Medley (I'm Getting Sentimental, Deep Purple and Ain't Misbehavin)
I Can See Soft
Medley (Proud Mary and Let Me Be There)
Blue Tango

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Espanol - The Alonzo Family

Mas (More)
The Alonzo Family
Sterling Records ST 600

From the back cover: We feel that we were fortunate in acquiring the musical talents and the authentic Spanish singing of The Alonzo Family. They have appeared for six years as regular entertainment in the Spanish Village at Six Flags Over Texas near Dallas. They are currently appearing for an extended engagement at The Marriott Motor Hotel in Dallas as the feature attraction.

Introducing Bob Braun

Invisible Chains
Introducing Bob Braun
Audio Fidelity AFLP 2148

Think About The Good Old Days
Lies And Kisses
Everlasting Love
Red Roses For A Blue Lady
Sweet Violets
I'm Sitting Here Rememberin'
My Heart Keeps Holdin' On
Pretty Little Ramblin' Rose
Invisible Chains
I Love You More And More Every Day

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

First Gatherings - Paul And Donna

Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show
First Gatherings
Paul And Donna
Fat Patches Music 2291

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Music For Belly Dancing - Ray Mirijanian

Ray Mirijanian's Music For Belly Dancing
Mirta Records MR 1003/XTV-12013

From the back cover: Ray and his band can be found every night of the week, as they have been for the past 16 years, at the "Carnegie Hall Of Belly Dancing" Philadelphia's famed Middle East Restaurant, located on Chestnut Street within the shadows of Independence Hall.