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Thursday, December 13, 2012

No Man Is An Island - Danny Scholl

My Way
No Man Is An Island
Danny Scholl
Gold Star Recording Studio
Revel Records

From the back cover: Volunteering for overseas duty, the "singing soldier" was sent to Iwo Jima. There he singlehandedly captured seven enemy soldiers and in the process sustained a broken spine.

The Air Force honored Danny with two bronze stars for bravery and released him back to civilian life.

Home again, Danny hit Broadway with starring roles in such musical comedies as Texas Li'l Darlin, Oklahoma, Pajama Game and more. In great demand for television shows, Danny appeared with Jackie Gleason, Bob Hope, Perry Como, etc.

During his 44th performance on Jack Paar's "Tonight"show, Danny suffered the first stroke. During rehearsal for a subsequent show, Danny was hit by a second stroke. Tests revealed a need for brain surgery. Following intensive treatment, Danny Scholl – the man no one expected to live – bounced back; eventually landing a movie role in The Texan with Roy Calhoun.

A year later, a third stroke hit with the prognosis that Danny would never again walk or sing. Daily in the hospital, Danny struggled to make sounds with his voice. Five months later came the sound "ah". A year later came the title song to this album "No Man Is An Island".

1979 brought Danny a fourth stroke. He was again told he would "never sing". Each day Danny prayed and promised God that if his voice was restored he would use it to inspire others. Early in 1983 Danny was bubbling with the good news... His voice was back!


  1. Our family was blessed to have met Danny and had become good friends. He invited us to his home and to local TV appearances (Nick Clooney, Bob Braun, etc.). We also were invited to the taping of Danny's TV show. After his death, we were fortunate to be asked to attended the dedication of the Danny Scholl room at Xavier University after the students presentation of Annie Get Your Gun for Danny's family and friends. He really had a love of God and his country. We miss him!

  2. MY Great Uncle danny scholl

  3. My dad used to take care of Danny. Took him to his dr appts etc