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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sounds Of A Man Alone

She's A Lady
The Sounds Of A Man Alone
By Dean Del Ray

Great lounge pressing out of Clarksburg WV.

Jacket notes: ...he (Dean) had designed his own guitar and had it special made in – would you believe Japan! No wonder American industry is receiving heavy competition from Japan because that "axe" was beautifully constructed with craftsmanship that would be hard to duplicate.

Apparently the title The Sounds Of A Man Alone refers not too Dean sobbing alone in a hotel room... but to Dean doing his act alone in a Sheraton Hotel lounge.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


For Your Love
The Sound Of Dart
Hoot Records

This record was manufactured in Vancouver Canada.

Here's a far out poem published on the back cover:

the sound of the dart moves
swiftly in the unseen light
to strike the mood of many listening
a missile of electric notes
exploding the silence into rhythms
and shattering the sorrow of every sad scene
it's soul, man
I'll tell you what it's about
it's four minstrels who gathered as era
taking pipe, drum, and string
and wove the vibrations into a psychedelic theme
they'll wake you, and take you
on a trip of total sound
so if you'd like to go
just happen in the dance of their beat
and all they ask is your time
I've seen the sound of the dart
move swiftly
and as suddenly
they're out of sight
but for the memory of the night
reflections of a song

Reflections of Showboat

Full Album
Reflections Of Showboat
Jewel Record 525

The Showboat Majestic was a floating entertainment spot that has been docked to The Cincinnati, Ohio side of The Ohio River.

Johnny Prophet - This Is My Life

This Is My Life
Johnny Prophet
This Is My Life
JJ Records

The recording is professionally executed and Johnny can sing. But I hope you didn't buy this record for your mother!


It is interesting to note that, in April of 1972, Bert Reynolds' nude centerfold appeared in Cosmopolitan Magazine. Now Johnny ain't no Burt! Why would he think that copying Burt was a good idea? Or did Burt copy Johnny? These questions need to be answered! Is Reynolds a big copy cat?!!!

The Ken Hacker Society

Feel Like Makin' Love & NCTB
The Ken Hacker Society
At The Farm
Alcadia Records LP0151875
QCA Recording - Cincinnati, Ohio

Curious local album straight out of the sealed shrink. The liner notes go on about how Ken got tired of doing dance music for 13 years and, after many headaches, heartaches and hangovers, restructured the band as the Ken Hacker Society.

I mentioned that the LP is curious. This is essentially a lounge band and the tracks reflect that, but there are a few Christian numbers on the A side. In fact, the number 1 track on the A side titled One Way, is a religious themed song.

The cover of Feel Like Makin' Love is followed directly by a song about Judgement (NCTB, written by Hacker).

The Farm: "It was only natural that the album motif be at The Farm." The Farm is still in business today.

The Harbor Lights

Under My Skin
The Harbour Lights

Apparently the group consisted of students who attended The University Of Cincinnati Medical College.

Music For Lovers

Moon River
Music For Lovers
Modern Sound MS 512

Obscure budget easy listening album featuring various artists who are not listed. There are a few nice vocal tracks on the LP, but this cover of Moon River is just whacky enough to be heard in The Motel Lounge!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ball Room Fever

Uno Tango
Ball Room Fever
Al Pierson Master Of Ballroom Dance Music Today
January Recording Studios, Dallas, Texas
Rainbow Records AP-31478

Pierson is mentioned online as having an association with the "Guy Lombardo's Royal Canadians" band which the Lombardo trusted asked him to revive in 1989.

Friday, March 25, 2011


White Bird

Lounge act working out of Indianapolis Indiana.

I've seen this album described online as "psych" even though the tracks cover a lot of ground including folk, country, etc. The cover of White Bird is pretty cool. There is also a cover of "Knights In White Satin" that the band managed to reproduce note for note. Pretty slick if you are into carbon copies of songs.

Rock Of Young Ages

Rock Of Young Ages
Zalstar Records ZRS 71051

You might expect an album from the early 80s to use pop/rock as a gimmick to sell songs to kids to be frightening. However, the tunes found on this release offer well-intentioned, if not quirky, messages to their young audience.

Sybil is a whacky tune about brother/sister love/hate.

Jim Williams - Love Songs American Style

What A Difference A Day Makes
Love Songs American Style
Jim Williams
Jewel Recording Studios, Cincinnati, OH LPS 412
QCA, Cincinnati, OH

Private press album titled after the early 70s TV show, Love American Style.

From the back cover we learn that Jim attended Campbell County High School, that he worked for Procter & Gamble and that he helds a Real Estate License in the State Of Kentucky. We also learn that Jim worked for C. Bert Spaulding Realtor and was a an enthusiastic participant in the Realtors of Northern Kentucky.

Also from the back cover: ...Jim hopes this album will make everyone who hears it want to set aside anything that would suppress this Love and once again let Love make this American style of life a life style to Love.

Reg Phillips Wails Ol' Yellar

That's A Plenty
Reg Phillips
Wails Ol' Yellar
KROK Recordings, Concord Massachusetts

Straight out of the sealed shrink comes a private press from a lost artist by the name of Reginald G. A. Phillips II. It took me a moment to realize that "Ol' Yellar" is the piano that Reg is banging away on (as pictured on the cover).

From the back cover: Reg's piano was given to us by one of our resident trombonists, Dick Wiggin. After being sawed into pieces in order to navigate the winding stairs to the third floor, OL' YELLAR was totally rebuilt to the very demanding specifications of Mr. Phillips and now stands in a place of honor on the bandstand of REDEMPTION HALL right here in the heart of downtown Concord.

Drummer Ray Smith and tubaist Rick MacWilliams accompany Phillips. Apparently, Smith hosted a traditional jazz program over WKOX FM and WMTW. Today you can find Smith if you google him. He's well known for his radio program, The Jazz Decades.

You can also find MacWilliams online playing with The Wolverine Jazz Band.

Goofy Newfie - Roy Payne

I Wouldn't Take A Million Dollars For A Single Maple Leaf
Goofy Newfie
Roy Payne
A Tribute To Newfoundland By The Writer Of The Hit Song
Paragon ALS 247
Marathon Music, Scarboro, Ontario

On my 127 Yard Sale spree, I met a seller who had a few vintage Canadian LPs that he had kept from his childhood.

Goofy Newfie is slang used when referring to a Newfoundlander.

This album includes an anti-American song (I Wouldn't Take A Million Dollars For A Single Maple Leaf). Payne wrote this song.

From the back cover: In the next year watch for some of the top American country stars to latch on to Roy's tunes.

My Eye Is On The Prize

The Darkest Part Of The Night
My Eye Is On The Prize
Jimmy Turner
G&E Productions, Mishawaka, Indiana
Imperial Sacred Records
Artist's Recording Co., Cincinnati, Ohio 720809

Owensboro, Kentucky recording artist.

The Young Brotherhood

Simple Song
The Young Brotherhood

Basically your private press folk record with a homemade cover. The cover is a one color label (sheet of peel-n-stick) fixed to a jacket blank.

The jacket is signed on the back by all of the artists to "The Blooms" (Steve Bloom's family).

Steve is listed as a band member on the label.

Sorry about the audio quality… the disc is well worn.

Frank Vincent

Frank Vincent
Plays For Your Listening Pleasure

The Frank Vincent Trio played at the Cincinnati, Ohio, Carrousel Inn (The La Rhonde Lounge).

After The Lovin'
How Insensitive
What Kind Of Fool And I
It Had Better Be Tonight
Jive Samba
Speak Low
Vic & Harry's Blues
What I Did For Love
Nite Ladies
Satin Doll

Armando Jones

New York
Armando Jones
Live In San Francisco
H&A Records 1985

Straight out of sealed shrink…

The Baney Brothers

Sound Of Music
Sound Of Silence
The Boys From Ippy Dippy
Up, Up, and Away
The Baney Brothers
Riviera Records

Terrific lounge LP, signed by Dave (the guitar playing Baney).

The notes mention that Don Gauck (not a Baney obviously) was playing The Lookout House which was a happening joint (destroyed by fire in 1973) in the Cincinnati area (Ft. Wright, KY). This is a local connection for me which is why I mention it. The fire date also helps to date the recording.

Aaron Sings Memories Of Elvis

His Way
Aaron Sings Memories Of Elvis
JWL Enterprises, Los Angeles 1984

Well... I could not find this guy online and there is no last name to be found on the jacket.

He looks like Donald from the TV show That Girl. He's not fooling me for one moment. This guy is a Donald impersonator!

Songs By Sam Hill

Sunday Evening' Cornbread And Sweetmilk Blues
And... That's A True Story
By Sam Hill and Friends

This could be the biggest autograph ever!

Sam Hill?

I wonder where in the Sam Hill he is now?

The Links Album Covers

I Can See Clearly Now

Howdy Lounge Lovers! To date, I've found 6 Links albums. Are there more to be unearthed?

And Again Once Again The Links


And Again Once Again The LinksLinks - LP -503

Holy Sweet Mother Of Lounge Acts! I present my 4th autographed Links LP!

And a super sweet presentation it is! Why just look at those full color photos on the back cover! And that cover of Vehicle (released by The Ides Of March in 1970).

All of The Links record jackets are nearly devoid of information. This jacket actual credits a photographer, Rich Rader and I think the guy (not in the marvelous red suit) in the bottom center photo is Gil Bridges. They give him credit for writing the lyrics to "Don't Take Her From Me".

The title is playful. If you have followed my Links posts, you'll remember that there are four LPs out there (my blog post featuring all four covers). This is the only album that hints that The Links might be screwing with us just a bit. The title may be a put-on and why is there a photo on the back cover of Stan putting his shoe on?

All of The Links albums play the lounge "act" so close to form that the humor would be way above the heads of most folks. If they planned to do to be a put-on... they are sheer genius. Because it is so straight faced, like an Andy Kaufman sketch.

Ronnie Prophet

Ronnie Prophet
Art Records, Miami, FL
1965 ALP-43

Prophet is an excellent guitarist playing a "custom-made" electric guitar of his own design". He uses a thumb pick to "produce a unique and pleasing bass back-beat".

This is a live recording (you can hear people talking in back round from time to time).

Prophet's does vocals on a few tracks and there is one musical comedy bit on the B side that is features unusual sounds. This track doesn't add anything to the feel of the project, but many lounge acts go there to please the crowd. Prophet is obviously talented no matter what you think of his shtick or the vocals (which do sound good on a few tracks).

I've posted one sample track, picked for the best all around atomic space age picking.

Ron Chandler

The Joker
A Taste Of Honey
Ron Chandler
Music Arranged By Earle Corry

Here's a great lounge album. The jacket is a blank and Chandler or someone drew some paint across it to create an "abstract" image and then signed it. In other words, it is hand made.

The Quartet Robledo

Trio Robledo

Here we have a great oddball record! Not because of the music. No, the music is delightful. It this case, what is unusual about the project is the cover.

There is no title on the cover. The name of the group is written in pen as "Trio Robledo". But on the back cover the group refers to themselves as "Quartet Robledo"

Details, details. What really makes the LP cover fun is that "Taco Ed's" Restaurant (located in Defiance Ohio) backed the record. Apparently, according to the notes, Robledo played Taco Ed's for six years. Eddie L. Bernal (Taco Ed) loved them so much (and why not, they are very good) that he planned to have them "appear at all Taco Ed's Grand Openings in malls and free standing restaurants".

The album is a charming piece of local, Defiance memorabilia.

Taco Ed went into chapter 11 in 1984 because Taco Ed was caught trying to defraud investors.

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Hook, Line, and Sinker
Doin' It Again
Frog Records 1979

Minty fresh vinyl straight from the shrink wrap.

Once Again The Links

New World Coming
The Links Once Again

I think this is the second of four LPs The Links pressed. All of the four LPs I owned are autographed. See all four Links album covers in this blog post.

I'm a big Links fan. Here's a group of guys who made lounge music in their own style.

You guys are "cult heros"!

The Links

MacArthur Park
The Links

Check out all four of The Links album covers on this blog post.

I know almost nothing about these guys. The albums are private/vanity press with no label info, record or pressing company information and no or almost no jacket info. Apparently they recorded their second LP in Las Vegas. That's all I've got.

As a group, I love The Links.

I've posted the 6:20 instrumental version of MacArthur Park. I think every lounge act covered this song.

If you note the second track on the B side is Who's On First. That's not a song... they do a cover of Abbott & Costello's famous comedy bit. They do the bit with reverb effect and rush through the piece as if they were on speed.

This Is Greg Allen

My Way
This Is Greg Allen

Once again, thanks to private press... someone did it their way!