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Friday, March 25, 2011

King Of Organ With A Beat!

King Of Organ With A Beat
As Heard At Hotel Fremont, Las Vegas, Nevada
Kandy Records, Chicago, IL SLK116 196?

Johnson understands the value of showmanship! Las Vegas, funny masks and a great leopard print jacket! Where can I find a jacket like that?

Johnson, like Liberace, understood that you could be a great musician and no one would notice, until you play a tune wearing a monkey mask.

From the jacket notes: Featured as a single act in nite clubs for a decade, Don cleverly employs $20,000 worth of sound-lighting effects to produce a show of his own. Because his music packs a solid beat, he keeps both dancers and listeners happy. His colorful jackets add sparkle to black-lite on gayly-colored sombrero, Cuban Tubo, and marraccas – getting across a terrific Latin set. The crowds crave his spirited songfests, get laughs from Clown-Monkey mask routines, and thrill to the thunder-lighting of Stormy Weather and Frankenstein.

I'm still looking at the track list, hoping that I'll see the song "Frankenstein" listed. Sadly I don't, so I'll go with a nice track with a lounge feel to it.


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  1. I happen to have the actual Hammond organ that Don used for the act and on the albums. The Hammond still works. Thought youd' wanna know. ;)