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Friday, March 25, 2011

John Buehler

Proud Mary
Yellow Bird

John Buehler
With Mike Ryan On The Drums
Dayton, Ohio

Vanity press out of Dayton OH. The cover feature a quirky photo.

According to the jacket Buehler was the Parish Music Director at Immaculate Conception in Dayton.

Ryan was active in sports and music at Carroll High School.

John and Mike are available for parties, dances, and receptions.

This is the most laid back lounge styled record I've ever heard. The songs are preformed in a very liquid, smooth and quite fashion. It's a unique sound, so relaxing and surreal that I can't image how it would go over at a party, dance or reception.

The 2nd track on the A side "Yellow Bird" is an exotica number filled with bird noises. I don't know if Buehler knew that he was borrowing from exotica greats like Martin Denny when he recorded this song. Denny might like the flavor of this LP. It's almost like an experiment in a new music form.



  1. My grandparents took organ lessons from John Buehler in the 1970's. My grandmother would play "The Theme from Dr. Zhivago" as loudly as her Wurlitzer could go.

  2. John Buehler was the music director at my church when I was young.