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Friday, March 25, 2011

Arthur Nakane & His One-Man Band

Blue Bayou
Arthur Nakane & His One Man Band

This is an amazing lounge recording. Sometimes, like in the life of Ed Wood, unusual art can go beyond whatever it seems to lack to become a unique personal artistic statement.

There is so much going on here it is hard to know what to write about first. The A side consists of covers of English language songs. The B side consists of what must be Japanese songs, done up in the "one-man band style". Nakane vocalizes parts of some songs in English.

There are also a number of tracks on the album in which Nakane creates a unique tapestry of sound that has a 1960s exotica vibe. At times his vocals seem very much like what you might expect from a new wave band.

According to the newspaper article found on the back cover, Nakane was teaching Industrial Arts at La Canada High and gigged on the side to help support his rather large family that included six children.

He developed his style in an effort to express his musical vision the best way he could. This included manipulating a tape recorder with his feet (along with other devices) while he performed.


  1. Hi Mark, do you have an email I can contact you at? I have a question regarding this album.

    Sawyer Ikeda

  2. Heya Mark! My friend spotted Mr. Nakane performing in J-town in LA recently and I'm trying to find any recordings of his. Your post here is a godsend, and I was wondering if you by chance have this entire record? I would absolutely love to hear more, and I understand that I'm asking a lot, but this album seems pretty much impossible to find, so any help would be infinitely appreciated. Thanks a bunch in advance, Mark!