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Friday, March 25, 2011

Buddy Ross - So What's New

So What's New
Buddy Ross
So What's New
Chance Record Company - Pressed By Rite Records

Buddy is backed here by organ and and drum machine to help fill out his record with sensible instruments.

Buddy wasn't an unknown in the area. He played gigs on local television and radio.

Here is an amusing paragraph on the liner notes: Now, why not get up a party, invite some friends over, fix some good refreshments, settle back and relax, because you've got the best variety of entertainment money can buy - for years and years to come.

Also... the guy writing the liners notes points out that Buddy is the "owner of a Volkswagon I could never fit in..."


  1. Pulled a minty copy of this for $1 in Latonia, KY. Listening now and it's quite nice!

  2. Backed by organ and drums? Organ and drum machine perhaps...

  3. Buddy and Kenny Price were big hits on Mid Western Hey ride, Out of Cincinnati, Buddy was My aunt and uncles best friend, He tot my cousin to play accordion and piano, He was the nicest Guy you ever met. I hope you post more of his music