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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Johnny Prophet - This Is My Life

This Is My Life
Johnny Prophet
This Is My Life
JJ Records

The recording is professionally executed and Johnny can sing. But I hope you didn't buy this record for your mother!


It is interesting to note that, in April of 1972, Bert Reynolds' nude centerfold appeared in Cosmopolitan Magazine. Now Johnny ain't no Burt! Why would he think that copying Burt was a good idea? Or did Burt copy Johnny? These questions need to be answered! Is Reynolds a big copy cat?!!!


  1. I saw Johnny Prophet along with Robert Goulet way back in the early '60's. They were breaking ground for a new Wallachs Music City in Torrance on Hawthorne Blvd. It was a fun day for all! Johnny performed at "Little Caesars" in Gardena, but unfortunately I was not old enough back then to see him perform, however, they gave us all an album by Johnny and a single record by Goulet. I've heard the album many times and he's one of my favorite singers. Thanks, Dan Bastian

  2. I used to watch Johnny Prophet perform at the Dal Rae restaurant in Fullerton, CA in 1972. I entertained at the Cellar Restaurant in Fullerton (on Harbor Blvd.) and was done early enough most nights to catch Johnny's last set. He was a Great Entertainer! He would always acknowledge everyone in the room. A great guy. J. Boyer

  3. I just came across this LP and it's autographed with
    "To: Jo Anne - with all i've got to move always" Johnny Prophet... Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant....