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Friday, March 25, 2011

Bill Schlueter Live

Tie A Yellow Ribbon
Bill Schlueter Live
Lajon Records Productions

A real live lounge recorded live at The Quality Inn, Pentagon City, Arlington, VA.

Bill can play the piano, but he's working with a guitar player that apparently never played with him before and or simply can't play. He's way off... but plays soft in an effort to hide.

On the back cover there are two sets of liner notes. One set written by C.T. Rogers, General Manager of The Quality Inn. How do you write about a man as talented as Bill Schlueter?" Well... Roger finds a way... "He has played the Quality Inn, Pentagon City in Arlington longer than any other act we have booked. He has, in fact, played in every one of our lounges and dining rooms. We have used his talents everyplace but our two parking decks and are working on a scheme to feature him there.

Bill, you are good enough to play our parking garage!

The second set of notes is interesting in that we find out that La Jon R. Hutton wandered into the lounge with his wife. He liked Bill so much that he produced this project. "And that's how I became a record producer and how Bill became a recording artist, a first for each of us."

I bet Hutton's album is autographed!

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