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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Vapors - Buddy Kirk Orchestra

Mack The Knife
Buddy Kirk Orchestra
From The Vapors
The South's Finest Theatre Restaurant
Hot Springs, Arkansas

The Vapors Club, was built in 1959 serving up spirits, gambling and name entertainers including Rosemary Clooney, Dinah Shore, Phyllis Diller, Liberace, Tiny Tim, and The Smothers Brothers.

The Vapors Club was closed after a raid in 1967. At the time of this posting, a church, The Tower of Strength Ministries, now inhabits The Vapors.


  1. Wow....where did you get this recording? I played with this guy, for about a month, in Galveston, Texas - just wasn't my "thing".

  2. Hello Guy. If memory serves me, this is a souvenir, that somehow ended up in a Cincinnati, Ohio record store...

  3. Very nice that you're preserving these sorts of things. Buddy Kirk was a very nice gentleman, and, probably about 72-years old when I worked with him (at a hotel called the Flagship, in Galveston, Texas). I was bout 32, and he was doing music from the 30's and 40's, mostly. He really needed an organist, who could play bass pedals, and I really needed a job...... The guy was really upset that I didn't stick with his band, but - while I could handle the repertoire - it wan't what I wanted to play. Again, good for you for keeping some of his work alive. Finding this was fun.

  4. I met Buddy when He was playing at the Flagship in Galveston,Texas. I considered him a friend, along with Aubrey Tucker. Buddy was a good friend, and a very nice gentleman. I met his lovely wife at an "after party" get together. I will always remember Buddy for many reasons, and his style, class, dedication to do many, and his music.

  5. Hi, We own Buddy Kirk's old steak house location here in Galveston. If anyone has any stories of him, good or bad, stories, pictures of the him & or with people at the steak house, we'd be honored to have them. We'd like to have a section on the wall to honor him. The very inside of the building has many rooms & if anyone knows why that is, we'd love to hear about it. Thank you. I can be emailed via:

  6. Curious that you own the old steakhouse 4127 ave s? I have memorabilia from a family member from the steakhouse-specifically sally rand

  7. If you get ahold of me that would be awesome. I can be reached via text or call at 409-739-7428, email is or come knock on my door 4002 Ave S, Galveston