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Friday, March 25, 2011

And Again Once Again The Links


And Again Once Again The LinksLinks - LP -503

Holy Sweet Mother Of Lounge Acts! I present my 4th autographed Links LP!

And a super sweet presentation it is! Why just look at those full color photos on the back cover! And that cover of Vehicle (released by The Ides Of March in 1970).

All of The Links record jackets are nearly devoid of information. This jacket actual credits a photographer, Rich Rader and I think the guy (not in the marvelous red suit) in the bottom center photo is Gil Bridges. They give him credit for writing the lyrics to "Don't Take Her From Me".

The title is playful. If you have followed my Links posts, you'll remember that there are four LPs out there (my blog post featuring all four covers). This is the only album that hints that The Links might be screwing with us just a bit. The title may be a put-on and why is there a photo on the back cover of Stan putting his shoe on?

All of The Links albums play the lounge "act" so close to form that the humor would be way above the heads of most folks. If they planned to do to be a put-on... they are sheer genius. Because it is so straight faced, like an Andy Kaufman sketch.


  1. Mark --

    Would it surprise you to learn that the The Links are still going strong?

    I recently posted this album in its entirety over at Bostworld and got for my trouble a boatload of info back from one of the commenters:

  2. Thanks Derrick! I spent, what I thought was a lot, of time searching for info and came up with nothing.

  3. Found this link:

    Jim Link runs the band now with his wife and their friend. Apparently they play at assisted living centers and VFWs in the Omaha, Nebraska vicinity.

  4. this is hilarious

  5. I bought an old console stereo with an autographed Links album inside. It was a record from 1980. In omaha.