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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Ken Hacker Society

Feel Like Makin' Love & NCTB
The Ken Hacker Society
At The Farm
Alcadia Records LP0151875
QCA Recording - Cincinnati, Ohio

Curious local album straight out of the sealed shrink. The liner notes go on about how Ken got tired of doing dance music for 13 years and, after many headaches, heartaches and hangovers, restructured the band as the Ken Hacker Society.

I mentioned that the LP is curious. This is essentially a lounge band and the tracks reflect that, but there are a few Christian numbers on the A side. In fact, the number 1 track on the A side titled One Way, is a religious themed song.

The cover of Feel Like Makin' Love is followed directly by a song about Judgement (NCTB, written by Hacker).

The Farm: "It was only natural that the album motif be at The Farm." The Farm is still in business today.

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