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Friday, March 25, 2011

From The Holiday Inn

From The Holiday Inn Bloomington, Illinois
The Jacobys
In Stereo
Century Records 40042

First of all, I have to admonish the U.S. Postal Service for practically destroying this treasure in transit. Much damage was done to this folk art album cover, but the record somehow survived.

The cover was hand-made from a jacket blank by fixing a copy of a cut out photograph to the front. The type, what is left of it, is self adhesive press down.

I love this cover. I hate the post office.

The recording is fabulous. The audience does not shut up for one moment even though they know these folks are recording the show. Audience noise is generally annoying, but for some reason on this LP, the yapping just adds to the budget effect. As with most lounge acts, the music is thematically all over the place, but again, the variety adds to the budget vibe.

Enjoy the entire album!

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