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Friday, March 25, 2011

Jim Burrill - Vortex

The Smile
Jim Burrill
Gyroid Records

I've seen copies of this album up for sale on ebay from time to time. I found one sealed copy priced right.

The album seems to be marketed by sellers as a private press"nerd" psych album.

There is a song on the A side that is based on the BBC science fiction TV show, Doctor Who. That would be nerd-like (and fun). There are a few nice instrumentals. By way of sample, I chose a tune that stuck me as one of the better songs though it does not reflect the "Medieval" folk vibe of the LP

Burrill gives himself credit for the cover design.


  1. Wow. I hadn't googled myself for a while. Now I find two postings within the last few months of songs from my old LP. I'm flattered. The other one I've found so far is an enjoyable video for my Doctor Who song:

    Thanks for posting "The Smile". It's a poem by William Blake. The most embarrassing thing about the song is that I got a word wrong. I had hand-scribbled the poem (instead of buying the book) in a bookstore (in the pre-internet era), and reading my scribble later the word "core" looked like "cove" (which you hear me sing).

    I do have copies of the Vortex LP -- if anybody can still play an LP. You can contact me at jburrill {at} gmail {dot} com.

  2. Thank you for the comment Jim! I hope folks contact you for a copy of your LP when they see this post! – Mark