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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Baney Brothers

Sound Of Music
Sound Of Silence
The Boys From Ippy Dippy
Up, Up, and Away
The Baney Brothers
Riviera Records

Terrific lounge LP, signed by Dave (the guitar playing Baney).

The notes mention that Don Gauck (not a Baney obviously) was playing The Lookout House which was a happening joint (destroyed by fire in 1973) in the Cincinnati area (Ft. Wright, KY). This is a local connection for me which is why I mention it. The fire date also helps to date the recording.


  1. I think it was later than 1965.

    They mention Haight Ashbury, so it couldn't have been before the Summer of Love, 1967, which really put Hippies in the news.

    Dave was a very good guitarist.

  2. I knew both John and Dave. actually took guitar lessons from Dave in Chicago 1989. Two great guys. And most importantly fine musicians. I lost track after moving to arizona. Wish I knew where he was today.

  3. They performed in Kalamazoo MI sometime before 1972. I was very young then, but remember my parents seeing them at a local bowling alley! I thought for years that they were the actual artists that created the songs they sang. We played their album over and over through the years in our home!!!! Loved them as if I knew them!

  4. The Baney Brothers were I think our second(?) cousins from mom's side of the family. The songs they covered were all very popular at the time. We loved the album and I still have it.