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Friday, March 25, 2011

Gee Dad!!! - Organ Music By Ed Scofield

Early Autumn
Gee, Dad!!!
Organ Music By Ed Scofield, Tim Scofield Drums
Mark Five, Greenville, SC, 196?

How could I resist cover art of a guy carrying his huge organ... somewhere?


  1. parents and I went to see those guys and they bought the ORGAN...and the album......I then went on to entertain many of my parents friends...playing the wurlitzer.

  2. I'm trying to make out the Wurlitzer model organ he is carrying, I know them all because I play organ myself and own 3 Wurlitzers currently and have had a total of 7 Wurlitzers. This organ in the post is an early 70's model with an Orbit synth, but with transistor divider tone generation it sounds like. At first I thought is was the early 4100 model with the black,white, and red rocker tabs and is all tube type. Wurlitzer made superior electrostatic reed organs until 61' and due to high cost to manufacture compared to the lower cost transistor models from the competition they began making 12 tone generator divider organs, tube until 63' then in 64 Wurlitzer made 100% transistor models ( never made a hybrid, like Conn and Gulbransen...which helps keep grubby guitar amp hackers and HIFI jerks from gutting these models).

  3. Oh' yes, that's definitely a Wurlitzer Orbit synth being played for all of the single note solo melodies. Sounds exactly like the Orbit on my Wurlitzer 625t. I finally had to tear down my 625t due to major issues that I was tired of fixing and honestly I'd played it for thousands of hours so she had a good life. I saved the fully operational Orbit synth section and am mounting it in a case and sitting it on top of my Hammond X-66. Already have a pitch bend on the swell pedal ( volume pedal) of the X-66. The X-66 is built like a Rolls Royce and love it's versatility, so w/ Orbit, look out! :)

  4. But isn't the song Early Autumn, not Cant Take My Ice Off You?