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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Wrigglers Sing Calypso At The Arawak

The Wrigglers Sing Calypsos
In Jamaica Isle Of Dreams Come True
Kalypso KLP 200

Souvenir album from the Arawak, a north shore Jamaica resort which was apparently "new" when they printed the jacket notes.

Album autographed by Denzil Laing whose name is mentioned on the back (apparently The Wrigglers were his band) The Wrigglers played The Arawak's Limbo Room.

Denzil Laing gets a mention on the wiki "Mento" page as a major 1950s mento recording artist. He is also mentioned on the wiki "Limbo" page as one of two "limbo" songs coming out of Jamaica in the 50s that apparently helped start the Limbo trend in the U.S.

Unfortunately, even with these accomplishments, there is little mention of Laing online.


  1. Would it be possible to upload the whole LP? This is amazing!

  2. Thanks. Space is an issue. I have so many files posted.

  3. Get the whole thing here: