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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Four Guys Right On!!

MacArthur Park
The Four Guys - Right On!!
Private Press

When you buy an album with the words RIGHT ON!! you hope that you are buying a LP packed with hip 70s tracks, yes? Well, MacArthur Park is a featured tune on the disc.

From the back cover: In this age of specialization, it is almost impossible to find a group of singers versatile in all types of music. So many specialize in one sound and that one sound is what you hear throughout an album. "RIGHT ON" is a musical smorgasbord of versatility at its peak and singing at its best. Music is music and should be enjoyed without having to look for certain artists in their own specialized field. Music is the universal language and speaks silently to the heart and soul.

The copy block is attributed to Lawayne Satterfield, Feature Editor, Music City News.

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