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Sunday, March 27, 2011


For Your Love
The Sound Of Dart
Hoot Records

This record was manufactured in Vancouver Canada.

Here's a far out poem published on the back cover:

the sound of the dart moves
swiftly in the unseen light
to strike the mood of many listening
a missile of electric notes
exploding the silence into rhythms
and shattering the sorrow of every sad scene
it's soul, man
I'll tell you what it's about
it's four minstrels who gathered as era
taking pipe, drum, and string
and wove the vibrations into a psychedelic theme
they'll wake you, and take you
on a trip of total sound
so if you'd like to go
just happen in the dance of their beat
and all they ask is your time
I've seen the sound of the dart
move swiftly
and as suddenly
they're out of sight
but for the memory of the night
reflections of a song


  1. I think this track is unrelated to the artist.

    1. Absolutely unrelated. Thanks for pointing out the error. Fixed.