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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Unique Sound Of The Vega Bros.

Oriental Melody - Marcos L. Vega
The Unique Sound Of The Vega Bros.
Featuring Marcos Vega And His Paraguayan Harp
Jewel Records - Cincinnati, Ohio - LPS 668

Apparently The Vega Bros. were engaged at The Carrousel Inn, Cincinnati, Ohio when they decided to make this private press recording.

From the back cover: Already well-established in South America, they (The Vega Bros) are enjoying success in the United States in such places as Miami's Hotel Fontainebleau, The Concord Hotel in The Catskills, Chicago's Continental Plaza Hotel and Cincinnati's famous Carrousel Inn.

This album is very different from the typical Jewel pressing. Jewel pressed many white southern gospel albums. This was an "upscale" project for Jewel, including the cover, which may seem a bit cheesy by today's standards, but was an accomplishment back in the day for Jewel who produced many album stock covers. Rusty York owner of the label owner/operator did a fine job engineering the sound.

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  1. Thanks for the fun memory - my wife and I used to go to the Carrousel regularly when we were dating and listen to the Vega Brothers by the pool, which was surrounded by the lounge and restaurant. Great Mexican food too. We just celebrated 35 years of marriage together. Thanks to your listing here I searched the internet and found a copy of the LP for sale and bought it. And yes I still have a turntable to play it on.
    Another favorite haunt was the Mediterranean Supper Club on Chester Road in Springdale - great small venue local singers and bands as well as some big stars. Also lots of good memories from the Beverly Hills Supper club before the tragedy there and the Hearth in Mt. Carmel.