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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bill Walters

Send In The Clowns
Bill Walters
Fraternity FRAT 0009
Queen City Album Recording Studio
JRC (Jewel Recording - Mastered by Rusty York - Cincinnati, Ohio) 82021

Promotional album for The Main Event at The Ramada Inn Northeast, Cincinnati, Ohio.

From the back cover: He sings in this album, of course, a bit like you-know-who (Tom Waits, you say?). – Dale Stevens, Entertainment Editor - Cincinnati Post.

Tom Waits?!! I'm not making that up. Must be some other Tom Waits...


  1. It’s seems like more of the Sinatra school I’d say.

  2. do you know the release date of this album?

    1. Sorry, no, Daniel. I always include a date if I find one printed on the label or jacket.

  3. 1983/1984 I sponsored the album as the General Manager of the Ramada at that time.