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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Favorite Requests - Dyna-Tones

McArthur's Park
Favorite Requests
Domtome Records 7345
Recorded at Vern Castle Studio

From the back cover: Though they call Chicago their home, the trio is well known in other entertainment centers in 27 states of the United States; top entrainment spots like the Fountainbleu in Miami, Lake Geneva's Playboy Club, and in Las Vegas the Alladin and the Dunes Hotel - where the group once shared the bill with Al Hirt. Also in their travels have been the Continental Plaza Hotel, Chicago - Antler Plaza, Colorado Springs - the Winnipeg Inn, Canada, and the Bonaventure Hotel, Montreal - etc.

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  1. I dun't think, Lucy, that I can take it, on account of because of how long it took so long to bake it...