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Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Moods Of El Cristalino

My Way
The Moods Of El Cristalino
Mex-Cal Records

From the back cover: El Cristalino's songs show a deep romantic feeling and clearly reveal his passionate sentiment for love, happiness and country. Most of Gonzalo's (Cristalino) songs revolve around these themes.


  1. Oh golly. The combination of his pronunciation, that vest, and the mustache connected to the mutton chops is all a bit too much.

  2. Hello mark my name is Scott
    My father happen to el Cristalino
    And I been looking a physical vinyl disc, of his music I was wondering if you had one, and if you are willing to see it to me?

    1. Hello Scott. Although I do have this LP in my collection, finding it would be a challenge amongst the many bins I have in storage. Perhaps someone will find a copy along with your request here and contact you. – Mark