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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Love - Alexander Butterfield

Going Out Of My Head
New Love
Alexander Butterfield
Sings For Wives, Lovers (and Hushands) and You

I'm There
Give The World Another Chance
Come To Me
Hello Memories
Such Sweet Sorrow
I'm Going Out Of My Head
Where The Roses Grown
Todo Pasara
The Way We Were
Amen, Put Your Hand
My Wife, The Dancer
Love Me Tonight
And I Love You So


  1. This is above-average entertainment. British-born Alexander Butterfield sang in Scotland and (in 1982) on the Canberra. He later had a café at Lake Worth with his partner Judy Craig. He died in August 2006 of heart failure. A son predeceased him. His daughter, Ondine Francis, lives in the London area.

    1. Sorry to correct you, Alex was actually born in Calcutta. His mother Emma was my Great Grandmothers site. We were all so very proud of him. I used to love visiting his mum in Brixton

  2. Wonderful. Any idea where I can get a copy of this L.P? I worked with Alex many times both in the Imperial Hotel, Aberdeen, Scotland in 1970 and on the Canberra 1981. He was a wonderful man and very exciting to back especially "Tudo Passara" and "Better By Far". His arrangements were like him - impeccable. Thanks for this page.

    1. I have three copies of this album. I saw AB on the Himalaya cruise ship in 1972. I never met him but I did meet his mother several times and she gave me some records of his. If you would like a copy I would be happy to send one to you.

  3. Just bought a different disc from this guy, on Edmar Records out of Canada ELPS-1170. Would date it to around 1980 based on quick research on the net. Title is "Alexander Butterfield Sings for Wives & Lovers (Live)". Seems to have dropped "husbands". This is a live recording, very enthusiastic crowd. LP has proper coloured sleeve and all that. Not my cup of tea but one for the collection.

  4. I came to this blog in search of Mr Butterfield after my granny found one of his press/fan postcard's that was autographed for her, despite the cards warm words my granny had no idea who he was. But, she is 91 so I can understand her forgetting things.

  5. My kids recently found this album which also contains a signed photo. We are trying to ascertain it's worth. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, any further information on the artist would be wonderful.