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Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Visconti

Viking International Productions Presents
The Visconti
Mach 1

From the back cover: The Visconti group combines top quality music with a Latin beat. The result is a sound for your pure listening pleasure and enjoyment.

The group was originated under the direction of Lello Colangelo in Italy. They have played various engagements throughout Europe – Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Germany and Switzerlan. They appeared at EXPO '67 in Montreal, Canada and are currently in the United States.

In the States they have appeared in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Duluth, the Twin Cities as well as the Americana Hotel in New York and The Desert Inn in Las Vegas.

My Love Forgive Me
Golden Stars
Chica Cha Cha
Samba FiFi
A Man And A Woman
Quando, Quando, Quando
I Found My Love In Portofino

1 comment:

  1. My family knew the members for years, I even babysat for Lello and Marisa's children when they were in town. My parents became the
    God-Parents of Sergio's son and we celebrated some of the Members
    Birthdays at our family home - such awesome memories. Often wondered they are now. At one point they became two groups, one
    became "The Italian Show Band" with some members and new members in each Group. They performed in various places in the Twin
    Cities and most family celebrations took place wherever they were working!