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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Traffic Jam - John Bachmann

The Fire Is Out
Traffic Jam
John Bachmann
Jewel Records - Cincinnati, Ohio
LPS 705

From the back cover: I'm very please to be able to announce this new album. John Bachmanns's first! It is dedicated to his many friends and fans who have been loyal listeners and followers. John started playing piano when he was eleven, styling his music after his good friend Jerry Lee Lewis. As you will soon hear, after you listen to this album, John has developed his own style of Country-Rock with just a hint of Jerry lingering on. After several ups and downs and a single released three years ago, which did not receive promotion it well deserved, John met with his new managers Norm and Roberta Troupe. Who, since have become ardent fans and are the President and Vice-President of Southern Ohio Truck Lines, Inc. With the devotion of band members, John and managers, a lot of love and hard work, we are delighted to give you this new album… – Carol Cummins.

A special thanks to the City Of Hamilton, Ohio for allowing us to block downtown city traffic with the photograph for the front cover of this album was being made.

The Fire Is Out
You Made Me Your Fool
What Was Once Before
Hey Be a
Barney's Pride
Taking Her Away
Started Out Today Like Yesterday
Living My Life Again
What Ever I Want
Still Thinking Of You

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