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Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Fran Wald Trio

Maybe I'm Changing
Evil Ways
The Fran Wald Trio At The Black Forest Restaurant And Lounge
Counterpart Records - Cincinnati, Ohio
Queen City Album - Cincinnati, Ohio

From the back cover: My name is Fran Wald. I've been around the music business for quite a few years. I'm the old man of the group. I sing and play drums and try to be the counterbalance. Jill Christi is the singer. I believe in Jill Christi. She has a talent and desire to become a really big star. Listen to her bluesy, gutsy approach to "Evil Ways," her boisterous "Me and Bobby McGee" and the softness and lonliness of  "A House Is Not A Home." Like I said, I believe in Jill Christi. After listening I think you will too. There is too little space to say all the good things about Bill Albright and his keyboard talent. He is a home at the piano as well as the organ which is more of less "his" instrument now. Bill attacks each song with a verve of which is not heard too often. His involvement in a song is so complete he actually detaches himself from the world. You'll hear him fill up the room as well as the arrangements. His talent doesn't stop there. As a composer he offers "Maybe I'm Changing" as a start. I think in time to come there will be many more songs by Bill Albright. Thank you for listening.

Bobby McGee
Scarboro Fair
I Feel The Earth Move
House Is Not A Home
Maybe I'm Changing
Evil Ways
To Say Goodbye

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