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Sunday, January 25, 2015

For Sale - The Lenny Wilson Trio "Live"

Get It On Again
For Sale
The Lenny Wilson Trio Live
Jewel Records - Cincinnati, Ohio
LPS 319
Queen City Album - Cincinnati, Ohio

From the back cover: Special thanks: Holiday Inn I-70 East, Indianapolis, where the Lenny Wilson Trio has appeared nitely for the past 3 years, for their co-operation and efforts in making this recording session possible.

When The World Was Young
Get It On Again
I Believe In Music
Lovin' Her Was Easier
Theme From Godfather
Stagger Lee
I Am I Said
Didn't We


  1. Can't get any of the MP3 recordings (Divshare) to play in any of the blogs. 2 computers, 3 different browsers, and they will not play. Anyone else have this problem ?

    1. For as long as I've been using DivShare (at least 4 years)… they've had off and on issues… and files not playing on occasion is one of them. Sorry… check back later. – Mark

  2. I really want to thank you for posting so much music that is local to Cincinnati. I spent many years there (from 1975 on) playing all over the area and it was always a magnet for musicians. Now if I can get DivShare to cooperate I will be happy. And hopefully someday you can post some of these gems in their entirety on a more stable platform of your own. Good luck and thank you for these incredible albums.

  3. Hi Dirk. Thank you for your thoughts. A while back DivShare let me know that their system had crashed and about 4,000 of files disappeared. I'll be repairing the damage for sometime to come. I've fixed the files associated with this post so that you can listen to them. – Mark

  4. Awesome Mark. I've sent your blog links to some old friends from the area and I know I'll hear back from them!