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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Theatre Organ Extravaganza - Jay Himes

Jesus Christ Superstar
Theatre Organ Extravaganza
Jay Himes
Richard Martin Productions
Century Records 42159

Jack Baird: Recording
Bill Lighter: Mastering
Richard Martin: Director
Andy Snowden: Synthesizer
Phil Wickstrom: Rodgers Organ Studios

The Trolly Song
Here's That Rainy Day
Teddy Bear Picnic
Cry Me A River
Zampa Overture

Jesus Christ Superstar
Everything's Alright
I Don't Know How To Love Him
The Last Supper
I Only Want To Say (Gethsemane)
King Herod's Song


  1. Jay it's Joseph Bonaiuto I was a student of yours back in 1969, 1970 you were teaching me Theater Organ at that time . I went on to study Classical Organ with Dr John Alexander at Cal state Northridge and played off and on at the Emanuel Presperitan Church in LA . I am now retired and Live in North Idaho Coeur D' Alene . Text me if you get this . Best Wishes Joselh Bonaiuto .