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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Broomstraw At Bad Manors

Poor Marta
Broomstraw At Bad Manors
Complimentary Pass
Jewel Studio - Orphan Studio
JRC 83030

There are several dates on the album, the date on the cover, 1979 and a date on the back cover, 1983.

I can't find mention of a Bad Manors (bar or club) that was located in Cincinnati, Ohio area.

Song writing is credited to J. Tucker. From the other credits found on the album you might assume that the group was a "family" act. Names include Alan, Dan, Mike and Scar Tucker. Other members include Jim Donnermeyer, Joe Friedhoff, John Valentine and Gus Hagedorn. Engineers credited are: Jr. Bennett, R. Seible, J. Krause and D. Smith.

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