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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ray And Carl At The Musicade

Small World
Ray And Carl At The Musicade
Carlray Records - Tuscon, Arizona

From the back cover: Additional equipment includes an Arp Synthesizer, a Tascam 4-channel tape recorder, Hohner Clavinet, Mustel Celeste, Indian Tree Cymbal, Rhythm King, strobes, 20 assorted spot, flood and revolving colored lights, two mirrored balls, bubble machine and slide projector. Truly a marvel of the electronic age.


  1. Ha Ha! Classic! This is sure to show up in one of my vids!

    1. Indeed. And I look forward to your presentation!

  2. I got to go to the Musicade in Tuscon, Arizona in August 1976 and had a wonderful evening watching this fascinating collection of instruments being played by the one man who was there that night. He sat a U-shaped console decked with many keyboards used to operate the whole system.