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Friday, June 1, 2012

Something Special (Just For You) - Freddie King

Something Special (Just For You)
Freddie King
CMC Records

From the back cover: You will find as you listen to the songs contained in the album, eleven years of hard work, dedication and love, sung from the heart of Freddie King. For it is a long way from Hamilton, Ohio to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, not only in miles, but, the many songs and long nights in between. Freddie was born in Hamilton, Ohio and moved to Florida eighteen years ago, and it was at age 16 that he seriously started singing.


  1. I haven't forgotten, Freddy. Your old friend from the Palamino Club, Gary Rogers.

  2. Hey Freddie King!!! Good to see your still around melting hearts!! :)
    hope all is well!!
    Starr (
    Joyce Ann

  3. hey mark , there is nothing odd, or obscure about this incredible man, whom you cannot spell his name correctly even tho it is right on the cover of one of the albums that he recorded...I have been blessed as so many others to really know what a kind, giving, talented and hard working individual that he is... he would give the shirt off his back for someone who needed it...I have known him since my daddy took me to hear him sing when I was 14... we remained friends throughout the years, so unless you have not met "FREDDIE" king , just spell this awesome man's name correct . . . thank you , Mrs. FREDDIE king ! ! ! ��

  4. My dad played music with Freddie and I also have been on the stage with both of them plying the bass those where good ol days s terhark

  5. We just met Freddie tonight in a busy little bar in Ruskin, FL and struck up a conversation with him. What a nice man, very personable and what a voice (no, he didn't sing), but that voice was "like buttah". And he did tell us the story about how he met you, Mrs. Freddie King, and about how your Daddy took you to see him sing when you were 14. What a sweet story! I'm sorry that you weren't there, I would have loved to meet you. Your husband is a wonderful man - we could tell just in our small conversation with him. Don't ever stop singing Freddie. Don & Jo Campbell

  6. I used to listen to the song "why daddy why" how do I get a copy?

  7. I remember Freddie king, remember his accident. Hope you are doing well Freddie. Jackie