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Monday, June 11, 2012

George And Joni Wilcox Show

Taste Of Honey
Holiday For Strings
George And Joni Wilcox Show With The Royal Kahilis
The Swinging Prince And His Princess
Live Show Performance
Century Records

The copy on the back cover goes into detail to prove George Wilcox's (Prince George Montague Antanasius Keeaumoku Wilcox) link to Keoua, Father of Kamelhameha the Great. I did a search and found a wiki page for who must be George Wilcox, but Antahasius is spelled Athanasius.


  1. Hey, I have this record! I treasure it, as weird as it is. Nice to finally find someone else who knows about it

  2. I just picked up a copy and listening to it now very cool